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Product Details

● Siren Tones: Wall,Yelp,Hi-Lo,HyperYelp,Hyper-Lo,
Manual Wll,Air Horn
● PA with Built-in Noise Canceling Mic
● Dual amp operation allows for 200W of sound on up to
four speakers
● Radio Rebroadcast
● Vehicle Light Control Buttons(4 Auxiliary)
● Push Button Programmable SirenTones
● (2)Programmable Airhorn Pitch Tones
● Stand-By
● Park kill
● Horn ring Transfer

● Operating Voltage: 11-16VDC
● Total Output Capacity: 400W(can drive four 100 watt speaker)
● Light Control Current Load-2 Auxiliart Switches Each
Have 10Amp
● Operation Temperature: -30℃ to +65℃
● Control Head:0.8”(H) x 2.4”(w) x 5.8”(D)
● Amplifier : 2.8”(H) x 5.9”(w) x 9.5”(D)
● Net Weight(approx): 6.5LBS



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