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● Double Locking Mechanism adopted for lamp  head mounted on lifting pole, lamp direction easily to beadjusted, strong locking capacity,  especially use for the vehicles.

● Material: Aluminum alloy, Light Weight, High Strength.

● Special Locked Mechanism, Easy to Operate, High  Reliability

● Mount on the side of vehicle body by bracket, spacesaving.

● Imported German Osram High Power Led is used for lamphead, Super High Brightness, 20,000 lumen output.

● Aluminum alloy enclosure, good heat emission, excellent waterproof performance.



● Fix the manually operated pole   ( Caution: Installationworking plane is steady and flat , bracket is vertical to the ground .When the manual mast reach lowestposition,  its bottom can not be lower than vehicle chasis)  .

● Connect the Spiral Harness Red wire with 20A fuse, thenconnect it with customer usage switch controller, wire the customers’ switch controller to car battery positive pole.Connect Spiral harness Black wire to car battery negative pole.



● Working Voltage: 10~30 VDC                     

● Power:150W  

● Brightness: 20,000 lumen

● 8)Lamp Head Light Source: LED

● Max Lifting Height: 0.8 meter

● Anti Wind Capacity: Level 8

● Light Shape: Flood 22 degree to 110  degree rectangular beam

● Material : Aluminum alloy

● Working Temperation: -40℃~65℃

● Waterproof  : IP65

● Weight: Lifting Pole Weight: 4.5kg; Lamp Head:3.9kg

● Power Supply: Spiral Harness

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