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AS312 Siren is an integrated control siren, with 6 siren tones ,

include WAIL, YELP, HI-LO,PHSR four long tone and two

short tone AIR HORN,MANUAL . 2 Light control each light

control could work with light in max current 10A Output power

100W or 200W. AS312 siren with steering wheel function.

24VDC optional



● Input Voltage:10~16VDC (negative ground)

● Operating Current:10Amps @ 13.6VDC (100W speaker)

● Standby CurrentLess than :220mA

● Operating Temperature:-30℃ to +65℃

●Dimensions (HWD) :64.5mm×145mm×162mm

● Net Weight:1.5kg

● CK:10A maximum

● CK:20A maximum


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