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Specification of LED Signboard

Application: Traffic Guide, Airport Traffic Signal


● Frame Size approx: 1,600×300mm

Text Display Size:

Height approx 18cms, thickness approx 3.2-4cms

LED bulb Red or Orange) display the following text:

"STOP" text with Red static

In center on the same line of “FOLLOW ME” text。

"FOLLOW ME" text with Yellow or Orange static

● Display Left/Right ↔ sign with Red

At front & rear of “FOLLOW ME” text

On the same line of both sides;

Sign size approx: L15cms x W16-18cms x D8cms

Viewable Range: not less than 200m

● Signboard Frame made of Stainless Steel,

Minimum 2mm thick

● Panel made of transparent and strong, UV resistant material

● Water and Humid resistant

● Installed Text and Sign controller inside the car in proper position

As follow:

-Switch (ON-OFF-ON) to control STOP and FOLLOW ME text.



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